Bekijk de volledige versie : Post-boot not running on boot

13-01-2007, 15:08
Ok... I have been using olegs latest firmware for a while now... very good i must say!

Only problem is, i cant seem to get the post-boot to run on startup...?

I chmod it with 'chmod +x /usr/local/sbin/post-boot'

but then after all that flashfs stuff and rebooting, when i do ls -all its not there!

The other problem is, ive been trying to get wshaper to work. Ive done a bit of playing with asusmon, and have discovered that my internet traffic does not travel down eth1, eth0, or ppp0. Im on a ethernet cable modem btw... All i can work out is that it goes through br0, which i believe is the bridge between WAN and LAN. Now, i tried using wshaper on br0, but it seemed to slow down the whole lan, even the telnet between me and the router. What i would like to do is limit all the PC's appart from mine ( on the network. Is this possible? I did try it with a command like:

wshaper start br0 100 4000 ""

My internet is 10mb down, 350k up. I wanted to limit the other PCs to 4mb down and 100k up, but when i do this, it also seems to affect me (

Please help as I really want to get wshaper working as my housemates are hogging all the upload and slowing everything else down!

Thanks in advance


16-01-2007, 19:39
. . . wshaper start br0 100 4000 "" . . .
I think that should be:
wshaper start br0 4000 100 ""
but that's just a guess---I'm no expert.


17-01-2007, 00:33
I thought it was the other way round as it is br0 not eth0/1 or anything else.

Inside asusmon, bro has up and down swapped over too.

But thanks for the help.