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13-01-2007, 13:24
When i have used my computer to download usin bittorrent all the night i cant logg in to my router (wl-5000gp) using ssh(putty) by Admin , it says wrong pass :

Jan 13 12:59:53 dropbear[381]: Child connection from ::ffff:
Jan 13 13:00:00 dropbear[381]: bad password attempt for 'admin' from ::ffff:
Jan 13 13:00:18 dropbear[381]: bad password attempt for 'admin' from ::ffff:
Jan 13 13:00:37 dropbear[381]: exit before auth (user 'admin', 10 fails): Max auth tries reached - user 'admin' from ::ffff:

i can login by Share via ssh nop. but i cant reboot from share ,you know

i can acsess webinter. by admin and same password and then i can restart router , now i have acces via ssh by same password as always .
so why ? and how can i make this issue disappear ?:confused:

I am using oleg and USB-flash att 512MB as OPT and an USB HDD 250GB as share , and have a HP printer coneccted thats it

03-01-2008, 17:20
I have the same problem. i can login thru with admin/admin but when i want to log in with my samba server, putty or ftp it don't work.

03-01-2008, 19:53
Hi fellows, I have related question, how can I enable SSH access from WAN? I do not need it from LAN. I do it with my Linksys XWRT and it works, but here it does not work...