Bekijk de volledige versie : Wireless range

Moody Blue
11-01-2007, 23:40
I've seen several posts complaining about this router's wireless range. I had some problems myself, but I've never gave up trying to solve them, and eventually discovered that the "guilty part" was the wireless card in the laptop (with different parameters all problems have gone).

Interesting, however, is what happens if I push the transmit power to the limit. I have a superb signal all over the place, the laptop gets the IP very easily, but I'm not able to transmit / receive unless I'm near the router.

When I'm "3 thick walls away of the router", a weak signal works much better than a strong one.

More specifically, I've never seen my laptop powering the wireless card above 32mW, with the router at 20mW it's ok all over the house, but with the router at 200mW I can only transmit in the same room. Could it be that a strong signal from the router implies that the laptop must be able to transmit a strong signal too ? Is there some other parameter to "negotiate power" adequately ?

I'm currently using ASUS fw