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11-01-2007, 01:46
It's possibel, make a config with a web cam " Trust " and the Wl500g P.
I have read some post's here and i have see many dificulty to make this solution work.
I m sorry my english, is not the best.

I need help to make this work, because of that i have bought this router.

Regards to the all comunity:confused:

PS: I thon t no if is here the correctly place to colocate this post:I Wope so

13-01-2007, 00:34
After a big research for my probleam, i see the ref chipsets that the asus talk for we aquire the webcam:
SAA8115HL,SAA811HL, ou OV511 + CCD,
Bu t now, how can i colocate a thiferent chipste in the router to work with othe type of webcam:eek: