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07-01-2007, 17:36

1) I have set up a DreamBox to record TV on the WL700 disk (connection through ethernet cable). But the recorded video file is very scrambled. If I set the dreambox to record on my laptop computer (wireless connection) the file is flawless. (SMBFS on the wl700 and nfs on the windows xp laptop). Also, video files are streamed to a showcenter flawlessly. This is an important issue to me cause I bought the router to be able to record TV without having a computer turned on. So far, I'm not doing very well. Any thoughts on this? Anyone?

2) The wl700 is not able to cover a minimum area wirelessly. In order to connect to the router I must be able to see it. I f I have no line of vision, even at 4 meter distance, I may be able to connect at 24 or less ( so it says!), but I can not really transmit data...... I have a wl500 doing the wireless business (bridging) in order to have wireless in my apartment. Shouldn't I expect more from the wl700?


07-01-2007, 23:44
Well, there could be numerous reasons for this - if you are using an old firmware (older than 1046) then >2GB files arent supported. this could screw up movie files if they go over this size and don't handle splitting.

Another issue is the sharing, I have never fully trusted smb on Linux based devices to transfer data flawlessly. The WL700gE supports nfs, which is Unix native, so why not use that instead?

With the wireless problem, what issues are you having exactly, is it just the signal strength? Things you could do to improve this are:
a) boost the power output in the advanced settings of the router config
b) turn off "hi-speed" wireless or whatever it's called - I doubt you have an adapter that supports 108mbps. This can sometimes help as the hi-speed connections tend to sacrifice signal quality over speed.

08-01-2007, 02:51
Tx for your answer.

The files are not over 2GB, because the dreambox records another file when it reaches 1GB. For a 2 hour movie I get about 5 or 6 files 1 GB each. But that is not the issue because even if I record for just 5 minutes I still get scrambled video.

Are you sure the wl700 supports nfs?
I'm not able to mount the wl700 disk on the dreambox using nfs. That's why i used smb. The other option is CIFS, which is actually what I used to record on the laptop, not nfs.

Regarding the wireless issue, I have tried to boost the power output. It doesn't make a difference, doesn't matter which way you go. You can't make it either better or worse.
For sure, no high speed flag on. I'm wondering if it's a problem on my router (like an internal bad connection to the antenna). I did remove the antenna, just to check, no wireless signal at all. Do you guys have a wireless signal as good as the wl500? Or is the wl700 usable only in the room it is staying?

08-01-2007, 10:38
The wl700 definitely supports nfs, mount it as

The wireless signal on mine is fairly good - it sits in a cupboard under the stairs and I get about 80% signal round the house. Outside the house, it drops to about 40%, but that's through a fairly thick wall.

08-01-2007, 11:35
I've had no issues with wireless coverage either. Similar performance to the 500gx.


08-01-2007, 15:26
The wl700 definitely supports nfs, mount it as

yes, of course..... I did that before trying to record tv..... :rolleyes:
So, the dream can mount on another disk-equiped dream through nfs (allready tried). Can not mount my laptop disk through nfs (must be samba CIFS) and can not mount the wl700 disk through nfs. It seems like a dream problem, I must be posting on the wrong forum...... :)

Regarding the wireless performance, I'm now sure I must have a problem on my dream. I'll have to open it and have a look at the antena connection, probably some solder problem......

Thank you very much!
I will have more doubts when I finally decide to install the custom firmware!:rolleyes:

08-01-2007, 15:28
I'm now sure I must have a problem on my dream.

I meant "on my wl700", not "on my dream"