Bekijk de volledige versie : My suggesstion about f/w

23-08-2004, 16:22
Sorry for pool English.

1. Before upgrade f/w, reset factore default first.
2. After upgrade to, power cycle.
3. Check [Date to Enable Radio] at wireless page, make sure evey day had checked. My default are off, is this why someone wireless can't work after upgrade?

4. Change [WAN Connection Speed] to "10Mbps".(But I dont think this will solve web port die)
5. Change [NTP Server] from "time.nist.gov" to "time-nw.nist.gov". (This will let 500g get the correct time more faster than old one.(In Taiwan))

Hope this will have some help to you.
Another, I found a different after upgrade: The wireless will never disconnect after apply any new configuration.