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27-12-2006, 22:52
Hi all,
Just got a WL-500G Premium and flahed Oleg on it.

After successfully installing samba 3.0.23 from nslu2-linux.org (path feeds/optware/oleg/cross/stable) I tried to install a PHP enabled HTTP Server.
I started with PHP-THTTPD.
Worked fine 'til reboot. After that THTTPD did not work anymore
OK may be my fault. Doublechecked config etc. Nothing found (why should I this config worked 'til reboot:confused: )
Removed THTTPD
OK installed Apache2: Had some problems stating apache and removed Apache2
Tried AppWeb: Same fate as THTTPD and Apache
Tried Cherokee. Nothing more to say

So what am I doing wrong?
I give a short description of the steps I made with any of the web Servers

My Config is:
Asus WL-500g Premium + 160GB Samsung Harddisk in an external USB 2.0 case

Steps I made:
Installed Package (PHP-THTTP, Apache, AppWeb, Cherokee)
Made some Config (Listen Port some php config found on several web pages)
Tried to connect to Web Server -> Worked
Typed reboot
None of the Webservers I tried worked after Reboot!
I did not change any Filelocations or permissions!

Does anyone have a Brain-Dead-Installation howto for PHP-THTTPD or Cherokee for me!
My Linux expiriences are not too bad so a little skill is acceptable

Thanks in advance

Just installed PHP-THTTPD for providing more information.
I've installed the Server edited the THTTPD.conf to use port 81. Then started the webserver
Everything worked fine. Even PHP.
Typed reboot
Then the Webserver was unable to start saying in /tmp/syslog thttpd[170]: bind - Address already in use
But this can not be true cause 1. it worked before reboot 2. netstat -nat does not say someone is using port 81