Bekijk de volledige versie : U happy with downloading BT on your WL500gp?

26-12-2006, 05:28
Im curious to see if the owners of the WL-500G Premium are happy with the Download Master feature in the WL500gP? (Even with the Samba changes.)

Or how many users have reverted back to just using their PC for BT's?

27-12-2006, 09:46
i stil use DL master.... noob for FW and I need computer for work... i only have complains about already downloaded BT, wich ones are not seed anymore after DL

27-12-2006, 15:45
DM does not startup/connect every time (unable to figure out why, on a clean Windows install it behaves no different so it must be the router), but when it is up it works great. leave it downloading at night and put the PC to rest. :)

04-01-2007, 19:00
I stopped using DM. It's unreliable. Azureus is much better and a lot faster. Torrents that do no start on DM, work without problems with Azureus.
Once ASUS releases a new firmware ( or higher) with a higher wired speed, I'll try again.

Could someone perhaps explain whether the SAMBA changes solve the wired speed problem. If so, where can I find this SAMBA patch?