Bekijk de volledige versie : Yet another NTFS support question/request

25-12-2006, 03:57
Ive recently bought new WL-500gP and I wanted to use it with my Mvisto USB disk/Pocket media player. The problem is, that the player inside MVisto box supports just FAT32, NTFS or Mac HFS+ filesystems.

I intend to use WL-500gP as a media gateway, so anyone on a local net can upload movies, music etc to Mvisto and then play it comfortably on a TV set. To be able to use this kind of connection comfortably, I wanted to use samba to provide mvisto sharing, therefore making uploading files to mvisto just drag&drop operation.

At first, I thought that there was some package providing NTFS r/w support ready for OpenWrt, but after many hours of searching I gave up - I simply couldn't find any suitable package / driver.

Then I browsed through Wl500g Unslug repository (for Oleg firmwares) and eventually found package ufds that seemed to be exactly what I wanted. But it failed to install on the latest Oleg's firmware (probably because it's meant for Linksys systems).

So I turned back to OpenWrt which seemed to have HFS+ support. But, though I was able to get it to work for a moment, it would corrupt the HFS+ filesystem on every unmount (or better the HFSplus driver would think that it is corrupted, though there is nothing wrong with it really, but there seems to be no way getting rid of the error message and mount the HFS with R/W support again).

Finally, I ended up trying to get it working on FAT32 at least, but this doesn't work either, because I am unable to transfer larger files to my Mvisto using Samba. When I try to copy some big file to external disk, no progress bar showing how big part of a file was already transferred appears and windows throws error "Cannot copy <FILE>: The specified network name is no longer available".

So I'm quite desperate, because my concept seems to be unrealizable...Is there really no way to enable NTFS rw support on WL500gP?