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22-12-2006, 21:51
Hi there,

I'm testing the WL500g.Premium with a 300 GB USB-Disk formatted with ext2.
I would like to use this disk as a backup medium with Debian/GNU Linux and Win XP machines. It seems that the dates of the files and directorys are somehow messed up by the asus. They all are in 1970! :confused: This way I can't use robocopy.exe or rsync for backing up files.
Is there a work around or does another firmware help out?


15-01-2007, 17:48
I believe the problem is that the Asus real-time clock does not run when the router is turned off. Therefore at boot the clock is zero (=1970) until the router receives an update from the Network Time Protocol. If you can find some way to avoid writing to the HD until after the clock is updated this problem should just go away.


15-01-2007, 18:35
Did you specify a correct time server?
What does 'date' show?
Your local time? UTC? Something else?

Backing up Windows files from an NTFS disk with robocopy to a linux file system is no good idea, because ACLs and alternate data streams will be lost.
If you don't need those, go ahead, otherwise use ntbackup.exe.
rsync from linux to linux works fine :-)

27-01-2007, 22:27

thank you all.
It is now working. The problem was I was too fast. :-)
Now the router shows the correct time and date, the files have the correct dates too.
Thanks for the advice using NTbackup. My wife's computer runs on XP Home Edition, so I have to install it separately. Poor enough.

Best regards