Bekijk de volledige versie : Usb-drive unmounted??

22-12-2006, 21:06

i took me 2 hours before i realised that you cannot use external disks that are formated with windows file system. Well, now i erased and formated my external usb-drive with wl-700 sofware.

I tried to create a new share on my external hd but i got message :"unable to create share. Error: Pool MYVOLUME 2 does not exist.

In disk management status is unmounted. How do i get the disk working properly? So the status is good and i can create share.

Thanks in advance.


22-12-2006, 21:47
Well, now i took hard reset and re-configured the box...and after that the external hd status is good. Im able to create a new share but the share name is weird. Share name is as follows: ��Z�����7MYSHARE2 (exported as )

Im trying to map that but it failes. \\\��Z�����7MYSHARE2

With wl-700 software "browse share" everyting works fine. What should i do now that i can map my my external drive?


22-12-2006, 23:04
Problem solved and external usb-drive is now working properly :)

I erased to disk again and formatted it again. Then i reseted it and configured it again. After that share creation worked properly.