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20-12-2006, 13:45
Hello everbody i having a problema with my router... I have a external disc with 2 partiton 1 25 G FAT and other with 100 G NTSF download master automatic use the partiton in FAT to put donwload files ... but when i put some BT torren the router craxx and i can't acesss i need to tunr off and turn on again and somes time de router completed reset :( i have donwload the last firmware in asus website.. becase i don't want lose some fectures with OLEG firmeware. and i can not became online in downlaod master appers: "No device was found! Please check your network connection and try again", and I still get this error message. And my network connection is working".... When i acess my router in WAN some times the router links craxe and the router take about 10 seconts to open 1 page :( can help me ? thanks

21-12-2006, 14:51
I am far from an expert,,,,,but my Download Master has worked perfectly right out of the box. What I did:

Using firmware from Asus.
Partitioned my 250g USB drive as a single EXT2 partition.
Plug in the drive to the router. The router saw it immediately.
I set the router to "Share all partitions on this drive".
To access it through XP I go to "Network Places". It shows up as "part0".
I've installed the Download Master software on all PC's in my network and tested each one. All worked perfectly.

In fact just last nite I used Download Master to grab a 500mb ISO. I guess I've been lucky:) Now the transfer from the USB drive to my CD-R was slow like everyone else has stated so I just started it and walked away.

I do believe the key is the type of partitioning you do. If I'm correct the router firmware is Linux(?) based and may not recognize the NTFS partition. I had to dig a bit to find a way to format with EXT2 but I was fortunate in that my job uses a bootable Linux distro that does this. Also from reading the forums I believe (again I may be wrong) that your FAT partition will be limited in the size of the download you can do--2 mb I think.

Good Luck.

21-12-2006, 15:25
cpthowdy thanks for you post...
I have the last firmeware i donwload it from asus website.. i will create 1 partition in ext3 and i hope became downlaod in download master...becase now my router crash when i put some files in download master ... tomorow i tell you if the problem resolves :) thanks ( soory for my bad english i am portuguese and this router came to portugal in this week it is a new produt and some friend's mine have this problem)

21-12-2006, 15:39

If the EXT3 doesn't work give EXT2 a try. From my Asus manual:

"Note: FAT32 has a 2GB file size limitation and does not support files above that size. If you want to use file above 2GB you must format the disk to EXT2 file system.

Good luck:)

22-12-2006, 01:21
I use a 1 Gb USB pendrive for downloading stuff. Formatted as NTFS and it sometimes works, sometimes the Windows app does not seem to get connected. But when it works it works perfectly. Perhaps the user/logon section of the Asus isn't great.