Bekijk de volledige versie : router cannot reconnect with PPPoE

17-12-2006, 16:41

I have a strange reconnection issue with my WL500gP running with The WAN port is connected to a DLINK ADSL modem and I use PPPoE. In about every 3-4 hours the WAN connection is terminated. I don't know the reason of disconnection - maybe an ISP issue - the trouble is that after disconnection the router is not able to reconnect itself, even after I reset it through the web interface or through the 'reboot' command. I keep getting:

Dec 6 18:35:52 pppd[93]: Timeout waiting for PADO packets
Dec 6 18:35:52 pppd[93]: Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery

messages indefinately after router reboot. ('maxfail' is 0, it tries forever without success). I have also noticed that when the disconnection happens the windows based PC - which is connected with a LAN cable - shows 'Network cable disconnected' message for a very short period of time then it immediately shows 'Network cable connected' in about 1 second again which shows me that there could be a problem on the LAN side as well.

The only thing which helps is powering down and up the WL500gP. Then it is able to bring up the PPPoE connection.

I cannot reproduce the problem at will, if I power down and up the ADSL modem while the router is online, it brings back the WAN connection nicely. From this and from the LAN cable message, I think it may be a router issue.

It is very annoying to power down and up the router 2-3 times a day. Is there any way to enable more detailed logging of the WAN connection somewhere in the firmware? I really would like to determine the cause of why the router cannot reconnect even after software initiated reboot.


11-06-2007, 20:51
After installing the new firmware, the problem does not occur anymore.