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16-08-2004, 10:57
Hello WL500 Hackers,

sometime it can be very helpfully to have the possibility to debug applications on the WL500. The mipsel-linux tool chain which reside in the WL500gb_1.7.5.6_GPL source package contains the GDB debugger with the very nice "insight" front end. The only thing missing to debug applications was the "gdbserver", the part running on the WL500. I have compiled the "gdbserver" from the GDB source package 6.1 to close this gap.

How to debug applications:

1. Download the attached zip file. The zip file contains the gdbserver and an
example application (gdbdemo)

2. Copy the "gdbserver" and the "gdbdemo" example application to the Wl500

3. Open a telnet session to the WL500, change to the ramfs and start the
gdbserver by typing:

gdbserver host:2345 gdbdemo

3. Copy the "gdbdemo" application and the source file gdbdemo.c in any
working directory on your host PC

4. Change to the working directory and type

mipsel-linux-gdb gdbdemo

5. Change to the "File / Target Selection" dialog and select the following

6. Press the Run button


16-08-2004, 13:16
Have you checked it with new toolchain available with sources?

16-08-2004, 17:46
Hi Oleg,

the source package contains two mipsel-linux tool chains, the old version hndtools-mipsel-linux-3.0 and a newer version hndtools-mipsel-linux-3.2.3. Unfortunately the newer version 3.2.3 does not include anymore the gdb/insight debugger . Therefore if you want to debug applications you have to use the old tool chain. With this version (3.0) I have checked the gdbserver.