Bekijk de volledige versie : Recognize Ext3 as Ext2

07-12-2006, 17:31
I am using firmware I have attached a HDD to WL500gP. The HDD has 2 partitions (Primary partition in Ext3, Extended partition in FAT32). The router recognizes the first partition as Ext2. The log is here.

Jan 1 08:00:07 pppd[92]: Plugin rp-pppoe.so loaded.
Jan 1 08:00:07 pppd[92]: RP-PPPoE plugin version 3.3 compiled against pppd 2.4.2
Jan 1 08:00:07 pppd[93]: pppd 2.4.2 started by (unknown), uid 0
Jan 1 08:00:07 pppd[93]: Using interface ppp0
Jan 1 08:00:07 pppd[93]: local IP address
Jan 1 08:00:07 pppd[93]: remote IP address
Jan 1 08:00:07 pppd[93]: Starting link
Jan 1 08:00:18 USB storage: ext2 fs mounted to /tmp/harddisk/part0
Jan 1 08:00:18 USB storage: vfat fs mounted to /tmp/harddisk/part1
Jan 1 08:00:42 USB storage: 32760k swap file is added

Is there any way to correct this problem because I may download files more than 2GB?


07-12-2006, 21:56
I dont think ext2 limits the max file size at 2gb :S
Fat32 does.

08-12-2006, 15:25
However, when I try to download files over 2GB via Download Master, it shows error and an error file something like "initial meta failedend". Any clue?

08-12-2006, 17:23
Nope but If I were You I would give up the ASUS stock stuff and go with olegs firmware.

I bought gp a week ago and it took me 10 mins of that shitty download master when i started to look for an alternative firmware.

PS maybe the download master writes to the FAT not the ext part ?
Try removing the FAT one and try again.
But consider the alternative firmware..