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06-12-2006, 18:18
Hello, I want to buy a 3G USB Modem to have internet everywhere but when I am at home I have another computers and I want to share my connection without having one computer turned on to share the internet! I looked for intensively in the Internet and finnaly I found one router called Asus WL-500g deluxe with 2 Usb Ports that works with one ISP from Portugal called ZAPP, so my awnser is if WL-500g PREMIUM works with the Vodafone USB 3G Connection Box.

Do I have to change the firmware of router to work?
Anybody has this working?

Hope you can help me!

06-12-2006, 21:44
If I understood correctly you gonna have a modem thats interface is USB.

The USB ports mentioned by you arent for CONNECTION purpuse so NO thats not the proper choice.

You need a router with a USB WAN port.
Thats diffrent.

28-12-2006, 17:09
try one of the firmwares from here, the one that will suit your device (gx is deluxe, gp is premium)