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05-12-2006, 22:47

I have three questions regarding WL-500gP. Right now I'm using firmware.

1. I tried to enable uPNP server. I wanted to use Nokia N80 (uPNP/WLAN capable) to view my content on the server. Unfortunately the Nokia keeps saying that it's waiting for the device list. Is it something wrong with fw and uPNP or does the device has known problems in working with Nokia N80

2. I'm unable to upgrade to fw The web interface keeps saying, that the fw I'm trying to upload is incorrect. How can I deal with it?

3. Is it true that the LAN throughput with fw is very bad? Right now I have outstanding performance in LAN (over 80Mbit/s) and I'm considering upgrading to but I'm little confused with the reports of LAN perf. Could you confirm that?


06-12-2006, 11:34
Its more a USB HDD > LAN transfer speeds not the LAN/LAN