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02-12-2006, 00:14

Here and on OpenWRT-Forum I found the info's about the 20pin connector on the WL-HDD. I do not want to add a UART but a custom parall interface to that connector. I read that the address is from 0xBF800000 to 0xBF80000F. I want to add some display and keys here to have the box displaying artitst and title of the track mpd is currentliy playing via a usb soundcard and some keys to control volumne and to navigate.

But how can I access that location to read and write data?
I tried using /dev/port and lseeking to the location.
Outb / Inb failed because when including <asm/io.h> results in a long error list.

Is that address normal address space or via pci?

Please help and maybe you can tell me?
Thanks, Tobias

03-12-2006, 11:32
Hi Tobias,

my wlhdd1 does it's work very well until now ... but sure missing some features ... little (LCD) display ... maybe a virtual one on an other computer ... some keys to do some simple work (configueration, switch wlan on/off, and so on) ...

If I can help ... please PM to me ...

has anybody tried to

What about using port to connect a display with http://www.lcdproc.org (or something else) and display some infos about internal work done ... like P2P downloads or status of build in HD (free space on partition, login users) ...
this will be possible too over the net to a virtual display ...


07-12-2006, 03:59
After some days of source-reading i found the solution for my problem on howo accessing the external interface. I even managed to connect a standard LCD display and write some text onto it.

For all interested i started sharing my experience with this here: http://tobiscorner.floery.net/ (under category "jukebox" )