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27-11-2006, 19:39
I am considering buying the 500gP. I have a 500 but it's getting buggy and lacks some functionalities. I want to use the 500gP as a file and media server but I am not sure whether it has all required functionality. Asus website and forum search were not helpfull. Therefore, can anyone confirm that the 500gP has the following?:

- File server using USB 2.0 HDD (only for copying some files back and forth). No ftp but using common 'windows network drive' (by simple samba setup?)

- Does it accept USB2.0 HDD formatted as FAT32?

- UPNP media server. I have a Snazzio 1350 media player which can login to UPNP media servers (like Wizd) automatically. After login in I should be able to browse the HDD and play mp3's and Xvid's. The media server is mentioned on asus site but i cannot find further explanation

- Bittorrent download functionality to attached HDD

27-11-2006, 19:57
have a look at www.twonkymedia.com
Itīs a full featured MediaServer, which supports all your needs.

Itīs easy to install on your 500gP if you use Olegs Firmware.
Linux knowledge is recommend, but with a little help and the tutorials no big problem if you donīt have any clue from Linux.

Samba is included within the Router.

FAT32 is supported. But for installing new Software (like twonky) a ext2 Partition with swap is necessary.

For bittorrent you can install a package called ctorrent.

search for the ipkg tutorial

good luck!

27-11-2006, 23:50
I use it with NTFS and standard firmware. No problems using Windows network Drive. Download Master works not so good (troubles connecting) but when it is connected it does a nice job downloading at night with the PC turned off.

So only when you really need Linux (anfd know something about it) to run on your Asus use the Oleg firmware.

28-11-2006, 16:59
Thanks! Does the 500gP include media server by default or do I have to install something myself, like twonkyvision? I did an oleg update on my old 500 and did <some> linux tweaking but i'm not very fond about it, so the less the better ;)

28-11-2006, 19:52
It has a simple media sever onboard which has to be turned on in the webinterface.

28-11-2006, 21:47
I just bought a 500gP and normal setup went OK. I am able to share a USB2.0 HDD in windows. However, my media player does not see the 500gP, although I have media server turned on. The manual only mentions a media server to xbox360. Does anyone have experience with the default media server in the 500gP? Or do I have still have to install twonkyvision?

second, the bittorrent client does open a .torrent file, but the torrent is immediately 'queued'. It will just not start:( . Any help?

23-09-2007, 12:03
second, the bittorrent client does open a .torrent file, but the torrent is immediately 'queued'. It will just not start . Any help?

I had same here.
I am using standard upgraded asus firmware and download master.
Some torrents, after long waiting started and then disconected again and again.
Until complete...
That was for some torrents.
My own torrent client on pc is much faster (utorrent) multiple trackers etc.
But then, with download master u dont need the pc...