Bekijk de volledige versie : wl-500g/HP PSC2210 combination

24-11-2006, 23:47
Due to the increasing number of laptops in the house, I had to change my printer (USB) from the PC to the router.
According to ASUS it should be a compatible printer
I first flashed firmware to the router.
The ASUS Printer Setup Wizard discovers the printer Ok (IP number and model). In the last window of the wizard is a knob Print Testpage.
Unfortunately: no output.
I tried RAW with port numers 9100 and 9101, thereafter LPR with queuename LPRServer, but no success.
So I wonder if there is any other method to get the printer to work.

01-12-2006, 00:29
Thanks to siriusw in the tutorial form (t=2650) and Oleg I solved the problem
A small recap:
1. Install the printer while connected to the USB port of your PC
2. Add new printer with the Add New Printer Wizard >select local printer, make new port, choose standard TCP/IP port, give IP address and thereafter - this is the odd bit - choose manufacturer HP and model PSC950 (I guess this is done because this printer is preconfigured in XP)
3. connect the printer to the USB port of the router
4. View Printers and Faxes, PSC950, Properties, tab Advanced....
5. Open listbox that shows PSC950, you'll see the PSC2200 too. Select this printer
6. It works!