Bekijk de volledige versie : 802.1Q VLANs

22-11-2006, 19:20

I have problem doing VLAN tagging with tags greater than 15 on WL500gP.
I found that there is integrated ethernet switch based on BCM5325.
Is there any way to make tagging work with higher tag numbers on integrated switch?
I tried to do double tagging of frames to workaround this problem [I configured openwrt to untag outer tag on WAN ineterface, so it gave me just 1 time tagged frames], but it works just on transmited packets [i observed this with another computer and tcpdump]. It seems that incoming packets to eth.ports with tag >15 are discarded. I didn't see any packets coming to openwrt eth interface. Is there any way to instruct BCM5325 controller to do double tagging [i need that, it will just add another tag on already tagged frames [with high VLAN numbers] incoming to WAN port]?
Does someone know how to solve this?