Bekijk de volledige versie : problems with wl-500gp

21-11-2006, 18:38

I am going to describe what happened to me when I recently got my WL-500gP.
Iím from Sweden, and bought it from a retail store. Went home, tried to connect to my cable modem and the router could not connect to the net, using the same configurations as the old netgear modem, just as a DHCP client for my old netgear, not connected directly to the modem.

Took it to the store and they said they were going to take a look at it. They did and said that there was nothing wrong with it. Of course that they did not test it connected directly to a modem, probably as a dhcp client to some main router that they have at the store. To top it they said as the product was not defective, I had to pay a fee for their time.

Sent a mail to Asus. Same story, guy says that I need to input the configuration etc, even when I pointed in the first mail that I did that. Then he said that I needed a crossover cable to connect to the modem, in which I replied that I had tested with that and did not work and furthermore if a crossover cable was necessary why wasnít it shipped with the router instead of the cable that came with it. He then replied that he could do anything and told me to talk to the store where I bought the product.

In the end of the day, I still have the router, which only works as a dhcp client for my netgear, and will try to install an alternative firmware and see how it goes.

And the ASUS support sucks.

25-11-2006, 15:49
Hmm that's weird. I had a similar problem with my router. It was working fine with the dd-wrt firmware for a few days. Then one day, after a reboot, the WAN connection refused to get an IP address. I tried a number of different firmwares, and only the Asus and Oleg's firmwares would allow me to get a WAN IP from DHCP. Bizarre. I'm running Oleg's right now and it works perfectly. Anyway, good luck trying various firmwares.

28-11-2006, 19:43
Well, I installed Olegs firmware and it works fine now.

Asus really needs to get its act together. I wonder what kind of people they hire to work at this type of job..