Bekijk de volledige versie : How to get Access to WEB server (Apache) ?

19-11-2006, 15:36
Maybe this is wrong Forum, but it looks to me that Port 8080 have to be used in my 500gp (instead of Port 80) to get WEB access to my server.

I Enable port 8080 in "Virtal Server" to my Server IP (Static IP given from 500gp filtered by MAC address) and I use TCP as protocol. Maybe this is wrong ?

I`ve setup DYNDNS to my 500gp and this work OK (Dyndns Update show correct External IP and its Green). Ping to my dyndns name is working inside the LAN (internal IP)

Then, I follow the guide (@ Dyndns) to setup Apache WEB Server, and I got No Error (Port 8080 should see "my Image folder").

BUT; The only screen I see from "outside" LAN (from Wireless) is the Router Login page :mad: It looks to me that Port 8080 is not really Open or where did I got lost ?