Bekijk de volledige versie : Simple ICS via PC in XP

07-08-2004, 14:51
Away from our home setup I need to set up internet access from an ethernet connected Cable Modem PC. I have installed in a wl-138g in a PCI slot and installed the recent drivers. Is it possible to set up the 'server' PC to connect to a laptop when booted to mimic my home 'wl-500g' setup. I need to access the internet and folders on the 'server' PC. I assume the mode is 'Soft_AP' but the relationship of the wired NIC in respect of ICS etc is troublesome as the ASUS auto setup program seems to crash the PC. Via menu's (longhand) it seems stable. Is it additionally possible to 'serve' wireless connections without a user logged on the 'server' PC?

Thanks DS

16-10-2004, 10:10
I tried the same... Same problem also, as soon as I switch to SoftAP mode, the asus program crashes and windows refuses booting any more (it hangs while it tries to initialise the WLan driver at startup)..

Looks like asus quality isn't the very best anymore.....