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18-11-2006, 16:23
I tried to upgrade my firmware from to I knew I would have to use restore after the upgrade through the web interface but I never got there =/ After the upgrade I never get a local IP. It will just loop my Internet through the router to my laptop so my laptop has the external IP. So i tried resetting that didn't work. So I unplugged the power and then back in that didn't work.

So now i saw some topics about the pin 9 trick. But can someone explain how that exactly works?


18-11-2006, 18:34
If yes , maybe Asus support can help you just i will write little:
go to you local-connection and change your TCP IP settings Manuel to
and then OK
now you can go to WL-500g unplug , press reset bottom and then plug the power again wait (hold it ) 6 sec.
go back to you PC
run Asus firmware Reconstruction toll and ...