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17-11-2006, 08:00
Hi everyone, hope of you all are well, I have a few questions about my new WL-700gE, holpfully someone could help me with these.

1. How does the firewall router work? I can't find anywhere where to allow programs rights (allow/block) and set the "in" and "out" ports.

2. Do you recommend to use another firewll instead of the internal one?

3. At the time been I'm using Comodo's firewall until I find how to use the internal router firewall, but I can see than the internal HD of the router is unsecured like that since the firewall blocks access to my computer only, anyone can access to router HD with programs like SoftPerfect Network Scanner, so how can I protect the internal HD and any other HD connected to the USB port of the router?

4. I noticed that my download speed is slower when I connect trough wifi, is this normal?

5. By default Afterburner and Frame Bursting are disabled, should I enable them to speed up or leave them disabled.

6. Are there any other options to speed up the downloads? or all this slowdown is just in my imagination?

7. what is "Enable Download Daemon", does give more download options beides bit torrent? the help tooltip says something about gnutella, is it good?

8. Whe I test my ports with the router firewall I find there is several ports opened or unsecured, is this normal?

9. And finally, is there any proper manual of all the settings of the router?

<>Thanks for all your help and best wishes to everyone.

20-11-2006, 11:30
The wl700ge uses a Gift deamon to download torrents. A gift demon can also download files from other p2p networks, like gnutelle and fastrack.

To use gnutella etc, you have to download a client (http://www.kceasy.com).
This client gives the possebility to connect the wl700g (settings). It also shows the current downloading BT files. Try it.


20-11-2006, 13:25
Thank you sollie, I didn't know that, I hope more people can answer my questions. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge sollie.

20-11-2006, 14:01
By the way, you can download a manual at asus.com.