Bekijk de volledige versie : WAN only works with some firmware

16-11-2006, 18:59
I'm having a weird issue. I was happily using dd-wrt v23 SP2 for a few days. Then I had to reboot the router to activate a configuration change. After that, it would refuse to get a WAN IP from DHCP. I plugged in my old router and got an IP address without any problem. I tried rebooting, restoring to factory settings, reflashing, etc. and still couldn't get dd-wrt to grab a WAN IP.

Later, I flashed back to the Asus firmware, and lo and behold, I could get a WAN IP. I thought it might have been a hardware glitch that resolved itself, so I went back to dd-wrt. Same problem. I also tried OpenWRT and I got the same result. No WAN IP.

Finally I tried Oleg's firmware and it's working fine.

Eventually, I might want to go back to dd-wrt, because it had some configuration options that I really liked, but obviously I can't do so if I can't get a WAN address.

Has anyone else had this problem?

19-11-2006, 00:29

i got my Wl500gp Router today and i startet with the DD-Wrt Firmware. Everything went fine, but when i tried to connect i couldnt get a WAN-Ip.

I'm now downloading the original Asus Firmware to see if its working with that FM.
Have you tried an older version of DD-Wrt? Probably its working with that.

19-11-2006, 00:46
No I haven't tried the older version. Maybe I'll wait until the next dd-wrt version comes out. What's weird is that dd-wrt v23 sp2 worked fine for a few days and then suddenly stopped. Oh well... Oleg's works great for now.

30-06-2007, 01:26
I flashed my Asus 500gp with DD-Wrt V23 SP2 and then a few days later with dd-wrt V24 June 20, 2007 version.

The router worked well with both versions.

With V23 SP2 ***Never enable QOS*** or you'll need to reflash.