Bekijk de volledige versie : Login problemen HDD met ext2 onder XP

14-11-2006, 23:02
I connected a Maxtor external HDD through the USB port of the ASUS WL500g Premium (original firmware). The HDD is formatted with linux ext 2 (Partition magic) to use as a central HDD within the network (backup)

The files on the HDD can be shared through the network (windows XP home) al long as the share node of the WL500 is set to "share all partitions on disk"

example: //my.router/part0/mapnaam

The files on the HDD can not be shared anymore through the network at the moment a user and password is added in the share node list of the WL500, and Network Neighborhood Mode is set to "Apply rules in share node list"

A popup screen askes for user and password, but the users and passwords in the user list of the router are not accepted. Also XP "dos" does not give access (net use //my.router/part0/filename password \user:user).

Maybe the problem is caused by encryption of the passwords by XP en ext2 (samba) I tried to use the commandline (Main_AdmStatus_Content.asp) to make other settings, but I am not familiair with linux.

Wie knows this problem and who has a solution?


15-11-2006, 00:12
firmware versie?

15-11-2006, 16:35
firmware versie?

De firmware versie is

15-11-2006, 21:55
firmware versie?

Thanks! downloaded firmware 1970 and seems to work OK now

Even takes the login name and password form windows login

(the most recent 1972 did not install, but i am satified with this one)


16-11-2006, 16:36
Da's mooi!

07-12-2006, 05:54

I also have the same problem and have tried different ASUS F/W versions ( & & now and many settings to try to correct it but still the same problem persists.

Anonymous share access to all directories is possible if Network Neighbourhood Mode is set to "Share all Partitions" -- I can read & write to the USB HDD through network neighbourhood but there is no security.

If I add rules to the user access node with user & password privilege and set Network Neighbourhood Mode to "Apply Rules in shared nodes list" then Windows keeps requesting user / password and then saying incorrect login... not recognised when accessing through network neighbourhood.

Also, FTP access is denied to a user / login but anonymous login is possible!

I have had a few email replies from ASUS support but there does not seem to be any good understanding of user or share level security coming from them.

Is share level / user level security possible with the Oleg F/W?



07-12-2006, 09:35
For the secure shared node you got to make a user in the Asus setup that is exactly the same (and with read/write permissions) as the username+password in Windows . Then you have instant access with all permissions. It seems you already did so and you can read and write. You won't see box for username and password, it is logged on automatically.

FTP is wide open and has to be fixed by Asus.

23-12-2006, 23:50

I've tried some of the tips posted here, but I still can't get this to work!!

I find the HD connected to the router, but I only have read permission. I've made identical windows and Asus users, but this doesn't work. If i remove the Guest user from the list in the Asus setup, I can't even access the shared folders. I get a access denied message.


-Applies rules in shared nodes list
-Firmware ver.

Please, what to do?