Bekijk de volledige versie : Asus 600g router is out - need info....

12-11-2006, 23:34
Was just about too get an 500gp then i seen this new one 600g
seems the same features; like download while your pc is off, but has ADSL 2 option and i think it has a modem built in ??

Does it work with standard 512k ADSL ? - UK...

Does it actually have a dsl modem in it ?

Its around the same price as the 500gp.


any1 got one ?

13-11-2006, 00:00
Thse specs tell it all:

ADSL Transceiver Port:
G.992.1 (G.;ite), supporting Annex A and C
ANSI T1.413

If it will work OK with your ADSL provider -> ask them, depends on the Dslam's they use and they way they offer the signal to the enduser. They only endorse the modem they provide usually. In principal any ADSL2+ modem should work fine if you get the right configuration for the network.

13-11-2006, 02:27
the wl600g is a complete different device, perhaps it will NEVER be compatible with oleg's firmware and perhaps nobody will turn it over to be customized

yes it does have a built-in DSL modem (Annex A compatible in holland)
I am not familair with the UK system

no it does NOT have the 'download while your pc is off' (no download-master) it only features a FTP server

further it's shipped with a complete set of cables for connecting to your telephone line and 2 different splitters for europe