Bekijk de volledige versie : upgrade failed to finish since release & 7f

11-11-2006, 16:17
Dear all, may I require your help please,

I can not upgrade my Wl500gx (Deluxe) with releases & while all was ok up to versions ! Strange:

Starting either with an official Asus one, or with the Oleg's, either using the http classical menu or the Asus recovery method, the upgrade to version 7e or 7f never reboots at the end.
The file seems to download correctly then the system says to wait while it reboots. I wait, let say, 5 minutes and the LAN1 led stays green but never the Power led comes back to green indicating a correct reboot. For the old version it was ok till end of reboot.

I also made a handy (power unplugged) reboot, then pkug power in but the Asus IP is never discovered by the Asus discover utility ( usually)

When I flash back to release 7C, in recovery mode, all comes backs ok...

Do you know please while process differs between old versions ( or earlier) and so that Wl500gx never reboots at the end?

In this forum, I see that release 7e and 7f announcements are only in the 'Wl500g firmware' sub menu, nothing appears now in the forum chapter about 'Wl500gx (deluxe) firmware'. Is it beacause this part of the forum about Wl500gx firmware is no more maintained and backedup to the Wl500g or what else?

Thanks for help

11-11-2006, 17:01
WL500g Deluxe is supported. Try to reset your unit to defaults before flashing firmware.