Bekijk de volledige versie : No DNS after firmware update

11-11-2006, 00:09
Hi there. I have updated my WL-500gP to from -pre7, and now I can no longer access Internet hosts by name. 'ping www.google.com' responds with Unknown host, but I can ping no problem.

Another example: with the default NTP server time.nist.gov, the system date is always 01-01-1970. Changed it to, and we're up to date again.

The Asus is connected to the Internet via a PC with WinXP Internet Connection Sharing. Haven't changed anything there as far as I know, and a client PC (connected wirelessly via the Asus) is working fine.

Please can anyone suggest where the problem might be? Thanks!

11-11-2006, 18:26
Don't panic, I have cured the problem by placing "nameserver" in /tmp/resolv.conf.