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31-10-2006, 14:37
I have a 1 PC connected via ethernet port to WL500gp, 1 laptop connected via wireless to the WL500gp and a MAC connected to the WL500gp via ethernet.
Connecting to the network from the mac, i have a imediate response, accessing files from the external HD (connected to the router via usb) or accessing the other pcīs, but i have an incredible slow access to the network from the pcīs ?
Any ideias why this is happening ?

31-10-2006, 19:44
10 mbit connection instead of 100 mbit? Have a look in your connection setting of your NIC.

Please be more specific as to the the configuration of the PC that is slow. Because the wired connection to the MAC seems OK, there has to be something wrong with the way router and PC are connected.

10-11-2006, 15:37
PC 1: 100 Mbits, DHCP - ethernet / desktop
PC 2: 11 Mbits, DHCP - wifi / laptop
MAC 1: 100 Mbits, DHCP - ethernet

Selecting windows network (entire network) in the pcīs, windows stopīs responding about 30 secīs, after that time, it shows the workgroup. Selecting the workgroup, another 30" of wait, and after that time, it shows the computerīs connected to the network including the wl-500gp. If i select the wl-500gp, another 30", and finally chosing the hd share, another 30 secīs. About 2 mins of waiting in the pcīs to access the hd share, from the mac via smb://share is immediate, even to access the entire network is very fast.
This only happens for the first time, then, the access is fast and clean.

10-11-2006, 16:30
It seems that the windows neighbourhood network is not connected on startup.
Do you have Netbios enabled?

Try Google to find some recources on windows netbios oc client networking because this does not seem to be a router-problem.

11-11-2006, 19:28
Yes, it is releated to the windows neighbourhood network.
In fact, if i share all partitions in disk on the Network Neighborhood Mode of the router i have a very fast access to the hd.
Now, if i select the apply rules in shared node list i have a very slow access because is trying to authorize the user. In this mode, selecting the router in the network neighbourhood i get a logon window, and only register users can access to the router.
The problem is, when i map the network drive (router) with a valid user and password and select the reconnect the drive when windows starts the drive doesnīt connect.
Well, i think i can use the router with share all partitions, but i have a security problem (dont need to be a register user), but only if somebody access to the router via wifi. Otherwise i need to get some kind of service that authorise the computer to the router when windows starts.
PS: no problem with ftp access.

Anyway, thanks for the tips.

12-11-2006, 00:00
I don't get the userprompt for users if I set it to apply the rules...

I can just connect and aren't bothered by access rules. Does not need to be that way I think :confused: