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31-10-2006, 06:37
I've run into a problem with screen. In an ssh session with putty, when I type "screen" to get into a new screen, it gives me "Directory '/tmp/screens' must have mode 755." When I chmod 755 /tmp/screens, it gives me the same error.

Edit: I rebooted and tried to run screen from the start. Here's what happened:

[admin@MSHOME root]$ login as: admin
admin@ip's password:
[admin@MSHOME root]$ screen
/tmp/screens/S-admin is not a directory.
[admin@MSHOME root]$ screen
'/tmp/screens' must be a directory.
[admin@MSHOME root]$ ls /tmp/screens/
[admin@MSHOME root]$ ls /tmp/screens/S-admin/
[admin@MSHOME root]$

Obviously, /tmp/screens is a directory, and so is S-admin. What's going on?

01-11-2006, 15:34
This situation was resolved with the "ipkg install -force-reinstall screen" command. I guess some dependency was messing up the install when I first ran it. :)

14-05-2008, 20:51
Also I have this problem.
The offered decision does not help.
What it is possible to make still?