Bekijk de volledige versie : buffalo linkstation or asus wl700-ge?

28-10-2006, 18:20
I want to replace my current home server with a less power hungry device. At minimum the server should run:

- a relatively good performance nfs server (to remote boot another pc running vdr (http://www.cadsoft.de/vdr/))
- a dhcp server
- a really low load web server
- an smtp and imap server (preferably postfix and cyrus, since those are what I'm using now) for a couple accounts
- possibly an ldap server (to unify user account management)
- whatever else it can run ;)

Looking at the current memory and cpu consumption for those tasks in my current server, I think that both the linkstation and the asus wl-700ge could run the above tasks but I'm not really sure.

Pros of the linkstation:
- it's cheaper (about 80-100 less for the 160G model)
- it's possible to run debian on it

Cons of the linkstation:
- the fan
- it only has an ethernet port (that's not a big problem for me)
- it doesn't work as a wireless access point

Pros of the wl-700ge:
-no fans
-it is a wireless access point

Cons of the wl-700ge:
-there's still no custom firmware available

What do you think/suggest?

28-10-2006, 20:27
As long there is no custom firmware for the WL-700gE all your wishes are just dreams ;-)

I'd go for the linkstation. Maybe you could slow down the fan with a temperature sensitive regulator?

Debian will be a big pro, because there's a lot of software for it.

Which model of the linkstation do you consider buying?

I'm thinking of buying a linkstation gigabit myself, as an active network backup device. The gigabit versions runs on a 266 MHz PPC 603e processor, which should be faster than the regular linkstation, with higher network speed too.
128 MB RAM (twice as the linkstation) will support more applications concurrenty without swapping.

see: http://www.linkstationwiki.net/

28-10-2006, 20:54
I was considering a normal linkstation (the one with 64M, the only one I can find around here), not the pro.
And I suppose that a custom firmware for the wl700 is just a matter of time.