Bekijk de volledige versie : local names not resolving correctly

28-07-2004, 12:50
Hi all,

I've got a problem in local name resolution using customized firmware V1.7.5.9-3 (also on V1.7.5.6-2).

The question is: Why isn't "aldebaran.lan.exanetis.com" recognized by the wl500g as a local name? See config below. Note that "wl500g.lan.exanetis.com" is correctly recognized only because the full qualified name is specified in wl500g host name. If host name is set to only "wl500g" it behaves like "aldebaran.lan.exanetis.com" above.

Please Help,
Many thanks,

wl500g config in LAN:
- IP Address:
- Host Name: wl500g.lan.exanetis.com
- DHCP: enabled
- Domain Name: lan.exanetis.com
- DNS Server 1: (blank)

Client computer:
- Windows XP Pro
- all auto and default
- computer name: aldebaran
- domain: lan.exanetis.com
- full computer name: aldebaran.lan.exanetis.com

Client computer nslookup:

C:\Documents and Settings\ztp>nslookup
Default Server: wl500g.lan.exanetis.com

> aldebaran
Server: wl500g.lan.exanetis.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: aldebaran.lan.exanetis.com

> aldebaran.
Server: wl500g.lan.exanetis.com

Name: aldebaran

> wl500g
Server: wl500g.lan.exanetis.com

Name: wl500g.lan.exanetis.com

28-07-2004, 14:12
enter ip details at your DNS server for lan.exanetis.com

e.g. you are trying to make an 'external' host internal.. so it will try to resolve the host from outside your network..

e.g. i was using hostname wl500g.blaat.chupa.nl which ended up in IP of chupa.nl itself (because dns *.chupa.nl was set)

28-07-2004, 15:23
I do not have a DNS server for lan.exanetis.com. I thought I could use the wl500g for this purpose. I used to have a Win2K server with the DNS service, where I would define the "lan.exanetis.com" zone and that was it, all worked fine!

I'm not proficient in network administration but as far as I remember I can't "enter ip details at a DNS server for a domain", or am I missing/misunderstanding something?