Bekijk de volledige versie : Links to wl500g product test

25-12-2003, 20:00
Norwegian site www.barbare.no , http://www.barbara.no/art.php?artikkelid=1016 test result: Recommended.

Anyone know some sites in English?

26-12-2003, 21:16
An other norwegian website (DinSide (http://www.dinside.no)) had , another norwegian website. this (http://www.dinside.no/php/art.php?id=96512) test. Their verdict : "Slightly disappointing, but we migh have had to high expectations."

What they complained about was the small amount of printers supported and not getting a Maxtor USB disk working. I don't know which firmware they tested.

They've also compared the perfomance using different Wlan-cards. You'll find that test here (http://www.dinside.no/php/art.php?id=96817).

27-12-2003, 20:06
I would like to share more details from www.barbara.no in English, for none Norwegians/Danish readers:

Positive: Nice speed and reach, WPA encryption, separate firewall fro LAN and WLAN, feature for subnet, WDS (Wireless Distribution System), price, several placement options, FTP on USB storage device, printer server USB and Parallel port

Negative: Missing printer driver, poor WEB configuration design, slow WPA-TKIP, supported web cameras not listed, almost all reconfiguration requires reboot.

The test is from August 7 2003, so it is an older firmware and support utilities. Personal I was convinced by: Internet gateway, switch, 802.11g, printer server, ftp, price.

BTW. you can see an English test of WL300g (subset of wl500g?) here: http://www.timhiggins.com/Reviews-64-ProdID-WL300G.php