Bekijk de volledige versie : WL-500gP or WL-600g..??

20-10-2006, 13:42
Well, the titel speaks for itself... Which solution do you experts recommend?

Use my current tweaked Alcatel Speedtouch Home (to Pro) in combination with the WL-500g Premium or replace the Alcatel and use the WL-600g..?

At this moment the PC's upstairs are wired to a switch and from there to the Alcatel.
Basically, my idea was to use the new WL-500gP or WL-600g to enable the PC in the livingroom to have internet-access and to enable it to print to a (USB)printer.

I've also read some problems with the WL-138g (also the WL-138gE..??) connecting with the WL-500gP...
Does it have the same problems connecting with WL-600g? And does it make any difference if you use the WL-138g or the WL-138g V2...???

Please post your advise.....

02-11-2006, 00:15
Reading the specs, it seems, that WL-500gP or WL-600g are exactly the same, with exception, that WL-500gP has ethernet WAN connector, WL-600g has ADSL modem instead.

WL-600g: Having all-in-one you probably need a little less electrical power (and probably get little bigger CPU load in the router) and less space on your desk. But you are locked to ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ providers.

WL-500gP+ADSL modem: Little more electrical power, need for external ADSL modem, both devices are little more expensive than WL-600g. But if you change provider (or provider changes technology), you loose only the modem. You can buy really cheapest modem with ethernet connection, because you need only bridge mode.

I decided to buy WL-500gP+D-Link DSL-362T.