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17-10-2006, 01:15
ITS NOT 100% tested maybe not works for you

i had a lot of truble with samba !

I think you dont need to do any thing whith SAMBA normally ....
1 . sambo demo mode on in web interface
2 . and hidden stuff on too..
3 . Change the workgrupp name to right one(same as your windows pc)

that's it
If you steel wana make changes to how it looks like then use:

nano /etc/smp.conf

you will figur it out its not to diffi. it looks like this

interfaces = br0
bind interfaces only = yes
workgroup = MSHOME
guest account = nobody
security = share
browseable = yes
guest ok = yes
guest only = yes
log level = 1
max log size = 100
encrypt passwords = no
preserve case = yes
short preserve case = yes

path = /tmp/harddisk

path = /tmp/harddisk
writable = yes
force user = admin
browseable = no

its easy to make changes in it if you want it maybe you can manke Share 1 and give it some path like this

[<your 1st sharename e.g. Share1>]
path=/opt/share/shared1 (you can change this)
writeable = yes
browseable = yes
force user = admin
directory mode = 0775

to make the changes saved you nedd to do this from olegs tips :

Customizing samba config
That's very simple. If you need to change /etc/smb.conf only, then you just need to add this file to /usr/local/.files using this command (this command should be executed only once)
echo /etc/smb.conf >> /usr/local/.files

To list the files which is already in the list to be saved type this command
cat /usr/local/.files

Once you've finished editing /etc/smb.conf commit your changes using
# prepare image
flashfs save
# commit it to flash once you've checked, that file size does not exceed 64k
flashfs commit
# if you have not enabled flashfs yet type this as well
flashfs enable

IF YOU realy feel TO Make CHANGE mount and do more changes to Samba config and go more adveced then do :

Then you need to install your samba a script and run it later (efter mount)
, oleg frimware mounts your hdd automaticly to /tmp/harddisk and partation 2 will be a directory in the first one , /tmp/harddisk/part1 and so on its not the best but it works for alot of people i like to have the opt in my share maby each partition in its own name .... then i need to make a script who start samba efter all another mount commands . and follow guides in this forum they are good
you need to have this maybe in boot or samba script before you actvating samba maybe in the next line ...

killall smbd
killall nmbd

in secound line of post-boot
this is importent !


the result will show you witch path you need to write in smb.conf

Part TWO
i hade a disc in my PC whit a lot of stuffs on it, so i got problms deleting old files
i think to have

force user = admin
directory mode = 0775 in samba.conf will do it able to delete files if not

you need to do this on the old files (maps)

cd /#/
# is the old partation
# is /tmp/harddisk in my case
# or its the map you try to delet files in mm

chmod ugoa+w *
ls -l
If you have done all in the :
the new files you make by connecting via samba will be deletable!

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