Bekijk de volledige versie : enhanced-ctorrent stops download when SSH session closed :-(

15-10-2006, 15:50

i have installed Olegs FW on my new router and all works fine but when i start to download somthing with enhanced-ctorrent and close the session (putty window) it stops to download. Can somebody that use this client give me a tip
how to keep DL even when my PC is off & HOW can i monitor enhanced-ctorrents activity when i m logging in again.
I m a Linux noob, i could manage all this because good tutorials. :)

PS: sorry for my bad eng.
thx for help

16-10-2006, 13:05
Try Transmission packet.

Otherwise use package screen.

16-10-2006, 20:22
i found a answer its easy

1) run screen by: screen
2) start top: top
3) create a new window: <ctrl>-<a> + <c>
4) start vi: vi
5) switch to next window (will be window0, since we have only two windows): <ctrl>-<a> + <n>
6) detatch screen: <ctrl>-<a> + <d>
7) log off the routeR: exit
8) log back on your router
9) access your screen windows again: screen -r
10) close down top with : <q>
11) close window0 of screen: exit
12) exit vi: <esc> + <:> + q! <enter>
13) exit screen: exit

That was all i needed :)

18-10-2006, 15:31
like the last poster said:
screen is the solution to solve your problem.

but i want to add something:

if you want to start some torrents automatically (ALT-seeds and some long-lasting leeches) you can additionally create a configfile:
and start screen with:
screen -c screenrc

my config looks like:
screen 1 enhanced-ctorrent -C 0 -M 20 -U 20 -f -s "/opt/share/seed/save1" "/opt/share/seed/torrent1.torrent"
screen 2 enhanced-ctorrent -C 0 -M 20 -U 20 -f -s "/opt/share/seed/save2" "/opt/share/seed/torrent2.torrent"
screen 3 enhanced-ctorrent -C 0 -M 20 -U 30 -s "/opt/share/leech/save" "/opt/share/leech/torrent3.torrent"
so the first 2 screen-Windows will be started with 2 seeding torrent and 20K/s Upload-Limit
and the third screen-window automatically starts a leech for torrent3 with 30 K/s upload-Limit

so you don't have to start all the torrents manually after rebooting your router. you only have to start screen with your config-file.

i normally have 10 torrents in seeding-State. so i got a little sick of starting them all manually.
with the screenrc you also can configure your screen in many ways (statusbar on the bottom, binding of keys, ...). google for screenrc and you will find some examples...


18-10-2006, 19:38

thx for advice.
Maybe you can help me with this one too. :)
I have a problem with enhanced-ctorrent that i cant download many good torrents for example World trade center movie or Behind enemy lines 2 and other. Can it be that enhanced-ctorrent is baned from prominent trackers
have you experienced something like this ?? Its similar like Asus Download manger. // it downloads something but only well seeded and small ones!

And i dont understand how you can download something with a -C 0
option ZERO CACHE ?? // if i lower my cache to 0 download is much slower//

My downloads> (both are daily show) dont know why but it gets slower
the last one is a DL directly after router config, 1st is today!

[admin@WL500Gp root]$ enhanced-ctorrent -s /opt/smbshare/ds1011.avi -i xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -C 13 -M 20 -m 10 -e 0.2 -D 180 -U 40 -p 10000 /opt/smbshare/torrent/ds1011.torrent
Created On: Thu Oct 12 05:58:28 2006
Piece length: 1048576

<1> /opt/smbshare/ds1011.avi [184514560]
Total: 175 MB

Created On: Thu Oct 12 05:58:28 2006
Piece length: 1048576

<1> /opt/smbshare/ds1011.avi [184514560] 0/176 (0%)
Total: 175 MB

Already/Total: 0/176 (0%)
Listening on XXX.XXX.XX.xxx:10000
\ 8/6/266 [0/176/176] 1MB,0MB | 9,0K/s | 0,0K E:0,1
| 8/6/266 [0/176/176] 2MB,0MB | 11,0K/s | 32,0K E:0,1
/ 8/6/266 [0/176/176] 2MB,0MB | 12,0K/s | 32,0K E:0,1
/ 8/0/266 [0/176/176] 3MB,0MB | 13,0K/s | 16,0K E:0,1
\ 11/9/273 [4/176/176] 7MB,0MB | 13,0K/s | 0,0K E:0,2

2nd download

Already/Total: 0/176 (0%)
Listening on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:10000
\ 15/16/524 [8/176/176] 10MB,0MB | 155,0K/s | 176,0K E:0,1
\ 15/15/524 [13/176/176] 16MB,0MB | 144,0K/s | 144,0K E:0,1
/ 15/15/524 [17/176/176] 21MB,0MB | 144,0K/s | 160,0K E:0,1
\ 15/0/524 [26/176/176] 29MB,0MB | 139,0K/s | 160,0K E:0,1
\ 12/0/524 [65/176/176] 67MB,0MB | 133,0K/s | 128,0K E:0,1
| 12/0/524 [79/176/176] 83MB,0MB | 135,0K/s | 0,0K E:0,1
\ 12/0/524 [101/176/176] 104MB,0MB | 126,0K/s | 112,0K E:0,1
- 12/0/524 [111/176/176] 114MB,0MB | 132,0K/s | 112,0K E:0,1
- 12/0/524 [121/176/176] 124MB,0MB | 120,0K/s | 112,0K E:0,1
\ 18/21/531 [125/176/176] 128MB,0MB | 120,0K/s | 96,0K E:0,2
| 18/21/531 [139/176/176] 141MB,0MB | 121,0K/s | 112,0K E:0,2
\ 18/0/531 [149/176/176] 152MB,0MB | 134,0K/s | 112,0K E:0,2
| 18/0/531 [161/176/176] 167MB,0MB | 105,0K/s | 96,0K E:0,2
\ 18/0/531 [175/176/176] 175MB,0MB | 84,0K/s | 32,0K E:0,2
Download complete.
Total time used: 21 minutes.
Seed for other 1 hours.

18-10-2006, 20:27
i have no problems with downloading.
but i mostly download old stuff / tv-series / ... from specialized trackers...

if you think you are banned try:
-P xxxx
this will fake the peer-id i suppose
a list of peer-ids you can find here:

i haven't tested it yet, but i think it works...

concerning -C 0 cache option:
i only have 32MB of RAM on my wl500gx. i don't want to fill up the whole RAM with cache. i have mostly up to 10 torrent in seeding mode and 3 in leeching mode.

i've also read from some Fritz-Box-Users who are disabling the cache because of performance reasons.
but i didn't really checked it.

i'm satisfied with my results, so i had no reason to change the parameters.

the only sad thing: i have to reboot the asus from time to time (about 1-2 times a week), because it is hanging.

maybe you should reboot your router to gain the same performance like 1st DL.


19-10-2006, 08:53
Majoka, all the processes started on Linux are started in tree like fashion. If you cut off a branch (close a program), all the sub-branches are cut off as well (all the programs started from or by the closed program are terminated as well). That is the reason ctorrent was killed when you logged off - you killed the dropbear session that started ctorrent.

What you do with the detach command in screen is, that you move the branch directly to the trunk, so it is not terminated, when the screen program or the dropbear session is closed.

Alternatively you can use the "nohup" command. Just prepend it to your regullar command line:
("nohup enhanced-ctorrent ...<what-ever-options-go-here>").
This starts the ctorrent client in background right away... And all the output is redirected to a file named nohup.out


19-10-2006, 10:48

i will try that peer-id fake option :-) I have downloaded the WTC
movie on my PC in 3h 30min. ROUTER could not download even a bit over the whole night. Do you guys know how can i QUIT enhanced-ctorrent with a normal command because if i press q nothing happens. I have to close the session/reboot router or power off, somthing like a normal quit would be good.

19-10-2006, 20:49
Hello majoka,

for quitting enhanced-ctorrent just Ctrl-C ONE time. then it is normally connecting to to the tracker and finishing work.

if it takes to long, press Ctrl-C again. This will quit ctorrent instant but untidy.

BTW. i have no Problems, with torrents taking more time on the router than on my PC because

1. i save Processortime and Networktraffic on my computer, so i can use it for my stuff.
2. router is running all the time - PC only on day (Noise)
3. router is consuming much less power than my PC
4. i have time - i don't have to have things instantly...


21-10-2006, 16:04
Hallo & thx.

I found a big problem!
My router is accesible from outside (WAN). If i type my IP address in IE browser
i m promted for a name & password with a host name Asus WL500Gp but the access from wan is disabled in the router settings. Can it be the work of this SSH deamon ? How can is disable this ?? Pls help.

21-10-2006, 16:41
my router is accessable too from internet - but i want that. so i can control my downloads from outside (i.e. from work).

in your case i would try:
1. to enable the WAN-LAN-Filter and DROP all connections to or at least all connections to the Ports 22 (ssh) 23 (telnet) 80 (http)
2. enable NAT and forward Port 22/23/80 to a non-existing IP-Adress in your LAN

i have not tried it - but it should work.