Bekijk de volledige versie : Lost Access to HDD

12-10-2006, 08:39
Hi there.

Just got the wl-500w.

After playing with the Web Interface, I found a USB HDD, and pluged it in, it work fine (FAT32), after 10-15 min, i wanted to format the drive EXT2, so i did a "Eject USB", pluged the drive in to my XP, and did a format with "Partition magic".

Then i tried to connect the drive to the wl-500w again, but now none of the USB ports can see the usb HDD.

Tried to format the drive again using fat32, still the wl-500w can't see the drive.

Then I pluged in a USB pen drive, the wl-500w fount that drive in no time. did an "eject usb" and tried to plug the usb pen drive in to the ofter usb port, and the wl-500w did NOT see the drive..

Anyone knows anything about this problem?

The firmware is (Original)

Regards Cokeman