Bekijk de volledige versie : No name resolving, can't ping from any wireless client

10-10-2006, 20:49
Hi Guys,

I have a 500deluxe with the latest Oleg's firmware.The problem is: any of my wireless devices can't resolve domain names, and can't ping the router, so there is no internet for wireless.But I can reach the LAN area without any problems.I can copy files, I can ftp to my wired computers, I can do anything in my LAN.But I can't go outside.I'm using WEP encryption and WEP-PSK authentication, but I tried with no encryption and open system but with the same results.
Anyone has any similar problems?Or do you have any ideas?


11-10-2006, 17:17
Problem solved.I made a big mistake... :D :D :D
I'm using Wireless/Access Control and Internet Firewall/MAC Filter.I assumed that is enough to enter the wireless clients into the Wireless section...it is not... :D