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08-10-2006, 21:19
I have a problem to configured my router WL500gP to seed the downloaded data using Download Master, on the tracker I can see that my client is in pasive mod instead of active. Azureus client working fine on normal PC. How to setup to be visible as active? Port forwarding is enable. No drops in fw log.
Thanks a lot for any answer.
P.S. I am using last Asus firmware.

09-10-2006, 22:15
Is this function supported? I mean: Can you seed examble the torrent file you have downloadet via the download master program? Does the program automatically begin seeding the torrent, when download has finished?

10-10-2006, 09:22
thanks for any post. As I understand it is possible in the GUI you can allow user to connect to your ctorrent client, by default 10000:1050 ports.
But the seed not starting?! In port forwarding I see that port are visible from outside and even I try to reach them from internet and it was possible. But it looks like client is not visible from tracker, as I see I am in PASIVE mode always.

Is anybody is using it and it working for him? Do you have the same problems with Oleg fw? Exist any GUI for BT in Oleg's fw? If yes can somebody post the picture?