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04-10-2006, 07:38
I have a router with an inbuilt modem that connects me to the internet and i have tried unsuccessfully to connect this to the wan port on my WL-700.

Is there anyway to use the FTP or web server (or just ddns) on the WL-700 when it is in AP mode. Or is there a way to use my modem/router just as a modem and connect it to the wan on the WL-700?

Eitherway, is there a way i can connect to the WL-700 from the internet without buying a new modem?

04-10-2006, 11:45
Any device/computer connected to your router modem is not generally visible/accessible from the internet. Unless you make portmappings on your routermodem to redirect certain ports to certain LAN-IP's.

What you should do is make sure the WL700 always has the same IP address. Then make a port mapping on the modem that directs the desired ports (20 + 21 for ftp, 80 for http) to the IP addres of the wl700 (So that is NOT the IP address the router has visible to computers connected to it on it's LAN ports, but the IP it has on it's WAN port)

If the WL700 is the only device hooked up to your modem, you might also be able to set it's IP address as default server or in the routermodems DMZ. This will redirect all traffic not handled by specific portmapping rules to it.



05-10-2006, 02:50
So i would connect the modem to the wan on the wl700ge? and the rest of the lan to that?

I'll try that when i get home, thanks.

would i set the gateway on the computer to the modem ip or the wl700ge?

05-10-2006, 07:08
I've tried what you said to do (i think. there's no port mapping option on my modem, the only thing that sounded like it was the port map in the virtual server). but i'm not sure if it works.

How do i access it from the web? i've set up a ddns but it always goes to the modem.