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24-07-2004, 14:27

Can anyone confirm whether or not Firmware has support for RAW printing? I have tried to set up my Epson 640 on LPT but with no success. I have followed the instructions for setup for Win2000 here http://wl500g.dyndns.org/printing/ (although I'm using WinXP SP1, it's similar) and while the router can 'see' the printer (it's reporting correctly whether it's on-line or off-line) I just can't get anything to print. Unfortunately it's a parallel only port on the printer. I've attached a couple of images which might help. Thanks for any guidance on this one!


24-07-2004, 23:18
Sure, I use this in my setup. But LPT printers seems to have problems. There is still no solution available - cause no one is willing to debug printer modules. :(
I've no LPT printer, so I can't test this.

25-07-2004, 03:32
how do you mean LPT based printers have problems?
was this issue already present at ?

i've always been able to use my HP Officejet G85 correctly since i can remember.. with official and custom firmwares

25-07-2004, 11:13
Antiloop, there are number of reports saying that LPT printer does work with official firmware, but does not with custom one. But on the other hand some printers still wotk with custom firmware, including yours.

26-07-2004, 03:17
I have tried using LPRServer and RAW (9100) and neither works with my Epson. I was wondering if I could try using a Parallel to USB convertor and trying to plug the printer into the router USB port...any thoughts on this? I have no idea how much a convertor would be, maybe not worth the effort.

26-07-2004, 09:48
Try searching for other printer drivers, which is suitable for network use (they could exists for slightly different model).

26-07-2004, 10:28
try the drivers for the following models as they have been reported(see http://wl500g.info/forumdisplay.php?f=24 ) as working:

Stylus Photo 830
Stylus 670
Stylus Color 880