Bekijk de volledige versie : WL500gP + Philips webcam: rcamd Einstellungen?! Timestamp weg und quality hoch?

30-09-2006, 18:58
Hi there,

sorry for the heading in german, but I did not find the delete-thread-button and I accidentally posted the german thread in the main Forum and not inside german diskussions...

Back to my problem. I am running Oleg's current (?) Firmware (WL500gp- on my WL500gP together with my Philips TouCam Pro and succeeded to get the full VGA resolution and colors, not like in the original Firmware :) But I do not want the Timestamps in the bottom left corner and still want better jpeg quality, I tried to run rcamd manually (killed all other running childs of it including rcamdmain) with

rcamd -p 7777 -s 0 -z MEZ-1MESZ -a 0 -t 0 -r 0 -f 640x480 -m 50 -c 100 leaving the red part away but I still get the timestamps :(
Is there any chance to set up rcamd to not use timestamps and give some better jpeg quality? Or do I need to use camserv, mvc o.ae.? Would be nice to use rcamd because it is already there :)

Where are the init scripts for rcamd and other stuff? Did not find them manually... Or are they compiled into /sbin/rc ?

I know that I am not the first who asks for quality change using rcamd ( http://www.wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=3762 ) but there was no reply so I decided to post again.

I will take any advantage, even a hyperlinked RTFM oder RTFW!

Thanks in adavance...