Bekijk de volledige versie : USB Drive weirdness

27-09-2006, 21:00
I own the wl 500gP, updated to the latest ASUS firmware -

I attached an USB drive to it and shared it. While the "read from" part works well, the "write to" part is weird (through home network). I can create folders or files on root and delete them, but I can't create folders inside other folders (access denied), which were created by directly plugging the drive in my PC. Even more, if I want to delete a file it will delete it from the screen, but by pressing "refresh - F5" the file comes back! :eek:

So files created through router work fine, pre-existing files on the disk can't be changed.

I tested it and it does the same on FAT32 or Ext2 partitions (NTFS is read only anyway)

Any idea?

27-09-2006, 21:12
I can't create files or folders nowhere on my Ext2 partition. How can someone release such a buggy product???

I admire Oleg and all the helpers but why should I flash the router with a 3rd party firmware if I want just the basic functionality, which is written on the box?