Bekijk de volledige versie : USB port broken?

24-09-2006, 13:17
I have this router now for 3 days, everything works [finally] except for the second USB port on the back.
On the first USB port [on the back] I have an external USB HDD and it is mirroring the internal disk, this works fine.
If I connect a second USB-HDD on the second port it isn't recognized at all.
I used 3 different HDD but none seem to be found.
They all work on the front USB port.
I also connected only the second port and then also 'no disk'.
Gues this means it is broken? Is it possible that one port is broken and the other still work?
If so I guess I have to sent it back.....

24-09-2006, 21:23
I haven't tried to connect more then 1 HD to my router yet, so I can't tell for sure, but I was thinking of:

Before you return it as broken, it might be something else.

Did you try to remove the harddrive on the first USB port and then try the second one?

It could be that the first hard drive is using to much power for the internal USB hub.

Did you try to connect something else like a web cam or printer to it?

It might not be solution, but just to try a few different options...

24-09-2006, 22:56
I also connected only the second port and then also 'no disk'.

Yes I did, I connected 3 different USB-HDD to the USB port and none worked on the top port. They all worked on the other ports [also only the front, and front and back port together]
So I unhooked it and boxed it again. I asked for an RMA so tomorrow I guess it goes back DOA[not working wihin 8 days].
Hope I get another one soon.