Bekijk de volledige versie : Samba Problem with big files

20-07-2004, 13:36
I cannot write big files (above 30MEG). Windows (XP and 98) claims, device not available, after looking for about a minute. Sometimes WL rebootes.
Once a 30 Meg file writing worked. But never again.
The file is in the USB-disk directory then apearing, but trashed.

Reading big files is possible.
Read/Write with FTP works.
WL is in Home Gateaway mode.

Tested with different USB drives (Flash and 40GB-HD)
It lookes like the error is in the Sambaserver.
Can it be that the machine is out of RAM? How to free some RAM?


20-07-2004, 20:09
Caching/buffering problem when ramfs is in use (flashed firmware use ram as virtual disk).
You may want to switch to rootfs and avoid using ramfs completely.

26-07-2004, 12:13
I've had this problem too. As I am a Linux n00b, can you please explain to me how to go from ramfs to rootfs?

26-07-2004, 13:15
There was a post in the forum which describes the necessary changes to switch off ramfs. Use search.

27-08-2004, 23:58
I've had this problem tonight as well. Linux is dropping services because of low free RAM.

I'm not planing on moving to rootfs boot so I need to add some RAM. Would it be a possibility to add swap space or will this not help?