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23-09-2006, 09:52
Hi Folks,

I just got a WL700gE and first tried to update it to! As seen in other posts I had the same issue, that the Internet Explorer went blank and after a while my router was crap.

I did following to get it back running:
1) Set local IP Adress to

2) I used a network cable which is "straigh through". As both cable types will show a connection to the router, with the crossed cable nothing happened.

3) Ping the adress --> should be possible, and check with "arp -a" if the IP adress is found in the arp table

4) Now i used the ASUSTRX tool to split the NSA file into two TRX files. In my case I already uesed the file

5) Connect the network cable on port "LAN 1"

6) Power Up the router

7) Start tftp32

8) Click on TFTP Client and put in following info
Host: Port: 69
File: C:\xxxxxxxxx.trx
Press the Button PUT

9) After a few seconds the power button on the router will lite

10) Press the power off button

11) Turn Router On

12) Make a update with the NAS file through Internet Explorer


24-09-2006, 16:47
You did invent the solution yourself??? Original can be found at:


Kind regards....

25-09-2006, 08:21
Can you show me where I wrote that I invented it by myself?

So and if you are so smart to give me some crap here, show me further where this post shows you port:69 a.s.o...

The only reason I posted this thread was to made it more detailed so if NOOBS like me have a better hint to repair a broken router for around 220 ;).

So please save me such comments in the future.