Bekijk de volledige versie : Power led's flashing

18-09-2006, 20:07
I tried 2 upgrade with from asus site, the power started flashing-slow, I tried the firmware restoration tool but with no success, it doesn't detect the router, Can anyone describe how u upload the firmware, I can't use the router now :(

By the way, the router respond 2 pings

19-09-2006, 02:31
tftp -i put WL500gp_1.9.7.0_TW.trx bring him alive after several tries :) after the message that says transfer completed we need to wait about 2 minutes, then unplug/plug the power cable, it should work fine :)

Next step I'll try oleg's firmware, I wonder if it happens again with oleg's firmware does the same trick result?